Progressive Death Metal from Estonia

The band’s biggest influences are Gojira, Scarve, Extol and Devin Townsend, but they have also drawn inspiration from various cultures and genres, from bossa nova to grunge.

Dynamic, sharp and crushingly heavy – these are just some words that describe progressive death metal band Surgent from Estonia. 

Surgent members have previously collaborated with various Estonian bands such as Recycle Bin, Horricane, Finish Me Off, Paean, Ocean Districts, Kaschalot, etc. However, with this project, they take it to another level by creating a unique soundscape.

“Surgent” means a powerful forward and upward movement by a crowd or natural force, and this concept describes their music and ambitions perfectly. Their versatile sound combined with energetic live performances makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Surgent’s self-titled debut album will be released this autumn, followed by concerts across Estonia.

The band consists of Endrik Salak (vocals), Jaan Varts (guitar), Jüri Tarkpea (bass) and Sten Loov (drums).

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